Welcome to my weird and wonderful world.

Some of you may know me from fetlife or my old OnlyFans, I am offering private sessions ONLY now.

I’m generally open to all kinds of kinks. I specialize in cosplay/roleplay and enjoy acting out your fantasies with you. I have a very vivid imagination, I love to create and play different roles and can make things you’ve previously just imagined a reality.

I’ve been wrestling men for 2 years. I know the basics of folkstyle wrestling but am not formally trained in any way. I do however have the benefit of being 5’9” and weighing 330lbs and I enjoy showing what I can do. If you wanna wrestle, I’ll squash you! But maybe you’d enjoy that 😏

I’m not here for you to take out any male ego angst on and do not tolerate any dangerous, sexual or violent activity.
I will be hosting my sessions at my own private location here in Florida and will hopefully travel more in the summer so don’t be a stranger if you are further away now.

Session rules:
No nudity
No intimacy beyond cuddling
I have lots of different outfits but if you want me to wear a specific outfit I don’t have, you provide it
Email me in a professional manner i.e. not just “how much is a session” or I won’t reply
Deposit or references required to book
Tell me exactly what you want I can’t guess

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