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Simple, low maintenance, free…

This is a free listing of women who work in Mixed Wrestling or similar fields. It is not the purpose of this site to promote prostitution or illegal activities. Any promotion of prostitution will result in the listing being removed, and the user banned from the site. Every wrestler on this site manages her own profile, and is responsible for it’s content.

This site has been intentionally designed to be simple, practical, and easy to use. It is not a goal for this site to offer many features. If maintenance costs are low, memberships fees will not be necessary. This is an alternative to paid sites. Similar to Session Girls, wrestlers control their own listings and update their own profiles. Similar to WB270, there is a vetting process and it remains free.


Additional advertising options may be offered in the future for those who want them. However, no user will have visibility reduced due to not signing up for advertising, and advertising will never become so obtrusive as to opaque users that aren’t able/willing to pay for it.

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