Hey Boys! Im pretty new to the wrestling thing, but Im strong and damn good at it! What do you desire? I just might be able to please you!

Dont forget to check out my OnlyFans page!!!!!!

Read carefully! I refuse to be harassed by any more time wasters. If you do not address me accordingly you will not receive a response. Thank you <3

Now, let me be firm in saying:

I am truly a sweetie, however some one you bad boys out there are ruining it for the others, so please do understand my firm stance!

I am not looking for pen pals. Im a very busy woman and I expect you to respect my time.

In order to reserve a spot with me you must write me a text message, instagram message or email with the following info: Your name, your location, your desired session style, and the date and times that will most likely suit you. I repeat, if you do not provide this info in your initial contact, I do not have the time nor the desire respond.

Do not call first. Write me a message and we can talk once we have secured a session. And please, stick to one means of communication. I have so many requests coming through, help me to stay organized.

I require a deposit and one reference to book time with me… I repeat, I REQUIRE A 50% DEPOSIT TO BOOK A SESSION WITH ME. I am sorry if some of you guys out there have been scammed, please use your gut instincts. I have references if youd like. I am not here to run away with anyones deposit. This is to secure a spot in my busy calendar. Investing in my time before we meet lets me know youre serious and generous and makes me that much more excited to play with you… If you cant trust me, youre too weak for me anyway. 😋

venmo @fiestyfeminista$fiestyfeminista

Time with me can range from $300+ p/h depending on location, your requests, time, etc… And I offer discounted rates with more time.

Guys I love to travel!!! I am willing to travel just about anywhere, if youre down to cover travel expenses, Im there!!! I drive and I fly, I even sail too!

I also am willing to be in filmed sessions and do photo shoots… additional tribute of course.

And finally, you should know that I also provide cuddling services… how sweet it is to get rough and roll around, and then snuggle in each others arms after weve proven ourselves!

Really looking forward to allowing you to test my strength, show me what youve got!


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